Sheila Beins, co-chair of QuiltNebraska 2019 has shared the following information about options for room reservations:

Dorm reservations can be made through Mary Olson (308-991-4380)   Each dorm room will sleep either 1 or 2 people.  There may be 2 or 3 "suite-style" dorm rooms available.  Mary is keeping a waiting list in the event we have any cancellations in this dorm.
There are plenty of traditional style rooms available.  2 dorms across the parking lot from the classroom building we will use and 1 dorm across the parking lot from the campus center where everything but the classes will take place.  We may be out of ground floor rooms.  Mary can make a waiting list for that level.

We have checked in with 2 of the hotels in Seward:
1:  East Hills Inn & Suites, 131 E Main St (intersection of Hwy 34 and Columbia, about 1 mile straight south of campus), 402-643-3679; we do not have a block of rooms saved, but they advised they do have rooms available as of August 1st.

2:  Cobblestone Hotel & Suites, 2575 Progressive Rd (on Hwy 15 about 1 mile south of downtown Seward), 402-646-1004
We DO have a block of rooms available, ask for Nebraska State Quilt Guild (or if they can't find that NSQ Gala - obviously NOT quilters!)  As of August 1st most of those rooms were still available.

There is a 3rd hotel - Sunset Inn & Suites, 3629 Progressive Rd (on Hwy 15 about 2 miles south of downtown Seward), 402-643-3388.  I have not contacted them.  Please check it out before making reservations.  I have not been there lately, but do not have enough information to make a recommendation.  

In addition, check the bed and breakfast listings for some additional options.