Kari Nichols is manager of Holly’s Quilt Cabin, a large quilting store in the Denver Metro area. Being a native Coloradoan, and from a family of seamstresses, Kari grew up enjoying many quilts. The love of color and design was first shown in stained glass. Her stained glass pieces received awards and can be found in many homes. When a favorite piece was broken, re-creating it in fabric was the logical choice. This choice led to a career change and joining the Quilt Cabin family.

Mountainpeek Creations, the quilt pattern design company, was born in 2001. Mountainpeek patterns are sold internationally and give quilters unique and contemporary designs for any skill level. Kari’s patterns have been featured in multiple publications and are available on the Mountainpeek Creations website along with her 2 books. When Kari is not quilting, you will find her enjoying her Grandchildren and travelling!